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Search Engine Optimization

Let us design, develop and deploy your custom online presence. To get started select the type of SEO you will need from the table below…

When a person uses a search engine with a minimal amount of words to locate what he desires, the display results are based on what the search engine considers most relevant for the actual user.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how the search engine works, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed, and which search engines are preferred by targeted audiences for the correct strategy of your website.

What is true:

SEO is a process that helps deliver traffic to your site, with the results not being immediate. It also requires time and perseverance to achieve results that benefit the view of a website in most search engines.

It is not only about having a desirable website for your potential business, but for your business to be displayed in the results column by the search engines being used!

Content Creation and Distribution

Video Marketing Service

Video marketing is a great way to get the word out about your website or company in an efficient, informative way. We can create a video for you and submit it across numerous video-hosting websites on the web (like YouTube). Not only will the video work to increase your exposure, it can help to deliver information about you and your website to your potential visitors. Along with this, the keywords and description areas of the video can lead visitors to your site as well as boost your SEO rankings. You are welcome to use your video or have us create a basic one for you. We’ll take a few screenshots of your website along with relevant captions and a soundtrack to create a ~60 second video that features your site.

Whiteboard videos are a great way of effectively delivering ideas to your customers, so that they can better understand what your service or product does.

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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution is a great way of gaining exposure for your website as well as getting a high quality source of backlinks.

We will write a press release for you which you can review or you can use your own press release. It will then be submitted to various press release distributions websites which will syndicate your release to hundreds or thousands of places online.

As with all of our main submission types, we will handle all confirmation emails that immediately come in from the submissions that we create.

Every order comes with a report of the press release websites we submitted you to.

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Article Submission Service

Article Marketing / Article Submissions has become one of the most popular ways of promoting your website. It is very whitehat, in that both you and the reader of your article benefits. Your reader gets to read informative and useful content, the website hosting the article gets a share of the revenue, and you get targeted traffic as well as some links to your website. It’s win-win!

We make sure to research the subject area thoroughly before writing the articles, making sure the content is as informative and useful to the reader as possible. Additionally, we try our best to target the content to your keywords, so that not only are the links from the article more relevant, the article itself might gain some rankings and drive some targeted traffic to your website. Some of the articles we have written and submitted to ezinearticles.com drives over 100 visitors/day to our website!

As with all of our main submission types, we will handle all confirmation emails that immediately come in from the submissions that we create.

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Content Writing

One of the most basic and essential forms of search engine content creation. Our content is written in professional and grammatically correct English. Our content is optimized for customer-specific keywords . All content created is researched, proofread, and then forwarded to the client for perusal. Our content writers are SEO experts and know exactly how to write content for search engine optimization.

Our enhanced writing services are a great fit for technical or especially-involved content. If you have a topic that requires a very specialized writer with a certain base of knowledge, these are the services for you.

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Banner Ad Creation (For Display Advertising)

Looking to start a new advertising campaign but need some creative banner ads for your product? Let us help you make that happen.

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Infographic Creation Service

Infographics are a great way to visually represent the value of your business. A well-made infographic can be invaluable for hooking your client’s interest, conveying the main points of your business, and, in some cases, even going viral.

Our Infographic Creation Service will create an image that you can use to explain your business or services in a nice, clean fashion. The resulting graphic will have 8-10 clear points (or a similar amount of information) displayed in a visually-stimulating way.

Our service comes in two flavors: With or without research. With research, we simply need you to provide us your business and any specific information you’d like us to focus on. From there, we will create the major information points and write out exactly what will be on the graphic. Likewise, the “without research” option allows you to provide us the exact verbiage you’d like to be included on the graphic. We will take those 8-10 points and represent them verbatim on the final product. That finalized graphic will come in a high quality image file (like a png) as well as an editable source file (like a psd).

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Content Translation

Translation Services are a fantastic way to create separate versions of your content to market to a wide array of audiences. Whether you’re looking to translate a full website to attract a new group, small snippets from an app to market to a different niche, or just a small article for any other purpose, our team of expert and native speakers can help you reach your goal.

With our Translation Services, we can transform you content from English into any of the given languages OR from any of the given languages to English.

If you have a need that isn’t listed below, shoot us a note! Whether it’s a language that isn’t included, a change in quantity, or even a different translation path, we can absolutely investigate our possibilities and provide more detail.

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Outreach Services

Manual Directory Submission Service

Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website/business out there. It involves submitting your website to yellow page like sites so that users browsing those sites can find you when they look at a certain category. This method has been worked very well for our clients and has been recommended by Google itself until recently.

Our staff takes great care in making sure your submission details are formatted to have maximum acceptance rate. We also make sure to submit to the correct categories so that your website gets the attention it deserves from the editors.

Every order comes with a report of the list of directories we submitted to, the time it was submitted, and the category we picked for that directory. We will open a new gmail account so that you don’t get spammed and also click on all the confirmation links for the directories.

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Guest Post Submission Service

Guest Blogging is a great way to get exposure for your products and services. We will find relevant, active blogs in your niche, and reach out to the bloggers to make them aware of your product or service.

You will receive a report of all of the websites that we have reached out to, the email address and account information that we have used to reach out, date that we’ve reached out, date that the post got approved, along with a link to the live post. You will have the opportunity to approve all posts we write on your behalf before we started the outreach process. We will handle everything from finding the relevant websites, communicating with the blogger, and creating a relevant post on your behalf.

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Classified Ads Submission

Classified ads submissions are a great way to get the word out about a wide variety of things about your business.

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Link Outreach and Analisis

Link Outreach and Analisis is a great way to get to know what companies your competition is using to get backlinks and to get listed

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Yahoo Answers Service

Q&A Websites are one of the best ways to reach out to your potential audience. How many times have you searched on Google and a relevant Yahoo Answers came up? Providing relevant, high quality answers helps you engage your users on the medium that they are using, helping build trust, establish authority, and directing potential customers to your service/resource pages. With public Q&A websites, other people with similar questions will also be able to locate your answer (via the Q&A website itself, or search engines), helping drive a steady stream of traffic.

With our Yahoo Answers Service, we will help you monitor people asking questions relevant to your product or service. We will then do in depth research, and write out a well researched answer, along with resource links to a few sources (including your resource pages or product/service). Please note: In some instances, we are forced to use a URL shortening service to ensure your answers are accepted. All answers are written by native American writers with good conceptual understanding and writing experience.

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Blog Submissions

Blog submissions are a great way to increase the exposure and SEO rankings of your blog. By using services that are tailored to specifically promote blog websites, you can ensure that you are boosting your blog’s popularity in the most efficient way possible.

Blog Directory Submissions
With our blog directory submission service, we will submit your blog to various directories that are setup specifically to catalog blog websites across the internet.

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Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submissions are meant to get your site listed in as many search engines as possible. The basis of SEO works to gather viewers from organic search traffic. Because of that, being included in as many search engines as possible directly promotes your site’s exposure and reach.

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Hubpages Hub Creation Service

Hubpages can be a great way of boosting your website. This website is high authority and visible. Not only will we create a professional, well researched hub in your area, we will also promote it for you so that it gets the best exposure.

Note: Hubpages does not accept adult, gambling, or topics that are at all controversial. If Hubpages outright denies an article because of the subject, we will use a different but similar site to post the content.

Also, please note that, while we used to offer both Squidoo and Hubpages submissions, Squidoo has since been merged into Hubpages. As such, any Squidoo orders will be automatically replaced with a similar Hubpages product.

Every order comes with the link to your hub plus a report of how we have promoted it for you.

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Marketing Strategy Services

Keyword Research Service

Organic traffic from search engines such as google and yahoo are extremely valuable because they represent highly targeted traffic looking to buy your products. Getting the keyword targeting right is extremely important for getting part of this traffic and we’re here to help you do just that!

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On Page Optimization Services – Onpage SEO Service

Onpage Optimization Services is one of the most cost effective and quick ways to help improve your compliance with search engines and increase your presence. Our services will help optimize your website according to Google & Bing Webmaster Guidelines, so that you can see better results within a few weeks.

Every order will come with a report detailing precisely what we have done with your website. These include:

  • Having an American writer rewrite the page in a natural way but incorporating natural terms describing your service or product where possible. We will rewrite/optimize up to 500 words of existing content or create 250 words of content from scratch for each page.
  • Redesigning the page to better emphasize certain areas through the use of h1, h2, bold, & italics.
  • We will add royalty free images to the webpage and add appropriate meta tags.
  • Adding relevant Title, Description, and Keyword Tags
  • Setup of Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools accounts + Verification
  • Creation of Sitemap + Upload to Webmaster Tool accounts
  • Duplicate Content Analysis and Prevention (we will help redirect the content so that they only appear on one URL)
  • Relevant Cross Linking For Pages Within The Website
  • Linking Structure Audit – removing dead links, linking to relevant portions, etc.
  • Google Analytics Setup & Installing Code On Your Pages

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Website Setup Service

Proper layout of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the important pages of your website. With improper layout, your content could be great but search engines could actually penalize you because it thinks you’re website is spammy! Therefore, it’s critical that you get your website layout right to begin with.

We can help you set up your blog or website easily and quickly so that you can focus on writing your content and less on figuring out why the article you spent 5 hours on isn’t being indexed.

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Consulting Service

Too many options and don’t quite know what to do with your website? Tried everything and your rankings aren’t improving? Wonder what you should do next?

As an owner of over 300 websites netting a total traffic in the 10s of millions of page views per month, we’ve probably run across your problem and can lend you our experience. Whether you’re just starting a site out and wondering how you get traffic or wondering what you should spend the most money on to get the most out of your dollar, we can provide our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We are familiar with all areas of website management including: domain registration, php coding problems, server management and optimization, mysql optimization, all our online marketing options, search engine penalties, google sandbox, search engine growth, etc.

If you’re considering your options, why not let us take a look over your site(s) and give you some specific advice to avoid catastrophic consequences such as getting your adsense account banned or making some simple improvements that will net you large increases in your business?

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Link Removal Service

Search engines have become more strict since Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. Backlinks that are of low or irrelevant quality are no longer just ignored, but can actually cause other links to be devalued and harm your rankings. If you have suffered a manual penalty, or would like to clean up your link profile to prevent any possible manual or algorithmic penalties, our link analysis and link removal services should be a great fit for you.

In our link analysis service, we will retrieve backlinks from MajesticSEO (and you can also provide us with the list from your Webmaster tools). We will manually go through each link, or domain, and label it relevant or not relevant from a human perspective, as well as tag it with popular metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and Domain Authority. You will receive a report with the websites and measures above, with recommendations to remove links with low quality metrics as well as links with irrelevant subject areas.

In our link removal service, we will remove links of your choosing. We will attempt to locate the contact information for each of the links that you have provided and reach out directly to the webmaster to have your backlink removed. You will receive a report of the email we used to send contacts, the webmaster’s reply, as well as a properly formatted disavow file for the remainder of the links so that you can directly upload to Webmaster tools.

In our Link remediation service, we will combine the steps above, and remove up to the bottom 50% of links that may be deemed low quality. It will come up with both reports above.

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Local Business Listing Service

Our Local Business Listing Service submits your business to local directories like yellowpages and google maps. Let your clients find you more directly and in more ways, especially targeted ones in your local area.

Every order comes with a report of the places that we have submitted your website to as well as the log in information. Note that you may have to respond to phone calls and emails of certain places to get listed.

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Blog Management

Blog Management is a quick and easy way to keep your website updated with a constant flow of fresh, relevant content. With our Blog Management service, we will incrementally create and post content to a software-controlled blog on your website as 500 word articles. You provide us your URL, username, password, and the type of content you would like and we will handle the rest!

Our enhanced writing services are a great fit for technical or especially-involved content. If you have a topic that requires a very specialized writer with a certain base of knowledge, these are the services for you.

If you do not already have a blog on your site, take a look at our Blog Setup service. With it, we can install a blog onto your site for you and, along with it, an easy way for you to add valuable content.

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Reputation Monitoring Service

Want to know what people are saying about your site? We will provide detailed reputation reports to keep you in the know!

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